People who do things that are jenk. This term was coined by my friends daughter, I call him my friend because step-son is a term that makes me itch. Any way she says her dad does things that are jenk and we shall explore that a little.
The urban dictionary explanation is less than flattering so I won’t go there however Mike’s jenks are a thrill to behold. Let’s use for example his Walmart excursion where he forgot his shoes. Now Mike is a man who for all intents and purposes does better without shoes than most. His feet resemble well weathered leather and afford him the luxury of not feeling pebbles or stones. For Mike to go on a job site painting and not be wearing shoes would shock some but not his family. Coming from the ancestry of the Chippewa nation , he takes to the days of old and leaves the shoes behind. Stories of him as a child have shown his dislike for them as a new pair of ‘sneaks’ were quickly abandoned by the wayside.
Now regarding Walmart; no shoes no service, fair enough. It is basically a liability issue more than a health one. I mean the 5 second rule- which I do not participate in- whereby a food item hits the floor and it’s magically safe to eat if you retrieve it in that amount of time, still has the gross factor for me as I will admit to picking my nose, rolling it, then discard to the floor. With this many people on the planet I doubt I am the only one.
Ok off topic already but Mike came up with the excellent ‘jenk’ of duct taping painters rags onto his feet and headed out to the store. Excellent idea. And if that wasn’t enough he boldly posted same on Instagram for all to see. Like your cat leaving the bird carcass by the door to get your approval Mike displays his jenk as a badge of honor.Glorious! A true leader in the jenk community.
As I sit here writing, I recall previous ‘jerks’ .The propane bottle being drug behind the truck still fastened to the trailer or the strips of denim holding the crank handle on his pop up camper or the paint roller holders inserted in his anti-sway bar are pale in comparison to his latest where he taped a purple glittered mirror to replace the missing one on his pick up truck.
Mike is a pioneer, a leader amongst the great inventors of all time, a visionary…well Mike’s a great guy and continues to delight those around him with his smirky smile and mumbled words, he’s fun to be with for sure.
You just never know what he will come up with next.